A Brief Note On Gay Rights And Racial Equality Essay

A Brief Note On Gay Rights And Racial Equality Essay

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As modern America has progressed, it has had many advancements. Those advancements in turn have only compounded the problems they were meant to solve by adding copious amounts of obstacles. Progressive movements in people’s rights have been met with opposition, the country has become scared due to terrorist threats and local attacks such as: bombings and shootings, and now America is worried about the future. America’s zeitgeist is easily offended, frightened, and concerned.
The United States of America, as a whole, has pushed for rights and equality for any and all people. Gay rights and racial equality have received an ample amount of support as well as opposition. Even bringing up the other side’s argument may cause a debate in almost any environment. Today, Americans are easily offended by things that don’t agree with what they believe. America is full of passionate people who always have a cause to fight for or against. Gay marriage has been opposed countless times on local, state, and national levels. “Almost two- thirds of Republicans oppose the Supreme Court’s backing of gay marriage, according to Reuters/Ipsos Poll ” (Reuters). Even though another online survey stated that “more than half of Americans support it,” they still follow what they believe even during elections. If they did decide to support it, they would still be opposed by many. Not every person will be content with
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either answer. “Gay marriage won 't lead to dog marriage. It is not a slippery slope to rampant inter-species coupling. When women got the right to vote, it didn 't lead to hamsters voting. No court has extended the equal protection clause to salmon” (Bill Maher). An uproar on social media has followed many statements...

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...cerned is what America’s zeitgeist is today. The United States of America is offended by any thought, action, or words that do not agree with what that one person believes in. Between race, sexuality, gender, and age, there are endless situations that would offend any one person. In situations with local attacks and terrorist attacks, Americans unite with feelings of fear and sympathy. School shootings make them fear for their children, the future generations. Concerns for safety are met with concerns for the education and health of America’s next generations as well. For them, America is attempting to preserve and
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protect the environment as it has been negatively affected for decades so it will be around for years to come. America’s zeitgeist is easily offended by words and actions, frightened of attacks, and concerned for the future of the country.

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