A Brief Note On Fracking And Human Rights Essay examples

A Brief Note On Fracking And Human Rights Essay examples

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Fracking and Human Rights
Joni Montoya
South University Online

What is Fracking and Will It Help?
This country has energy problems, everybody knows this. In the past we have been dependent on oil-producing countries to supply us with the oil that we need. We use it for heating our homes, electricity generation, fueling our cars, trucks and airplanes, as well as machinery. We also use it to make chemicals, plastics and other synthetic materials that we use every day in our homes (Frequently, 2014). According to the Department of Energy and Roberto F. Aguilera of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, our future resource availability is about 50 years (Aguilera, 2008). The United States uses approximately 33% of the world’s oil supply. Subjectively, we feel that the oil companies are out there getting fuel for us in order for us to be happy and maintain our lifestyles, but objectively, many are really out there making other people’s lives miserable by stealing their resources. Nevertheless, there are oil companies who are making strides in human rights (Demytrie, 2014). World opinion is a big factor.
What does this have to do with ethics? The oil companies take this oil with no regard as to how the oil is produced. Big oil companies do not seem to care how the oil is obtained as long as they get what they want. There have been numerous human rights violations in the appropriation of oil for export to the United States. Oil is a primary natural resource export for most of the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) nations. This resource export contributes to struggles for the control of the natural resources, and can lead to civil war. Governments sometim...

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... not just sit back and ignore the suffering of others for our own benefit.
Another theory that could be used in this case could be existentialism. Existentialism is defined as the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in an indifferent world. It stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for consequences (Crowell, 2010). When Soren Kierkegaard states, “The question is not what am I to believe, but what am I to do?” he means that we must reject the pursuit of pleasure and seek the moral truth (Chaffee, 2010, p.470). If the consequences of our using fuel from the oil companies is the suffering of others, we must feel the responsibility. The end result would be the same as care ethics, we must reject the inhumanities of the oil companies and seek the moral way. After all, we are our brother’s keepers.

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