A Brief Note On Forensic Psychology And Criminal Justice System Essay

A Brief Note On Forensic Psychology And Criminal Justice System Essay

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Joanna Adler is a Principal Lecturer of Forensic Psychology at Middlesex University, where she has been working since 2013. She has written many different books, book sections and journals, ranging from topics such on why people kill to forensic psychology. Her first major publication being in 2004 with her book on ‘Forensic Psychology: Concepts, Debates and Practice’. Throughout his years of teaching, she read a vast amount of information relating to (forensic) psychology and how this is used in the criminal justice system. In her chapter on ‘psychology and criminal justice’, Joanna Adler uses the acquired knowledge from previous published books, journals and research from other researchers; which has been combined together to make a developed argument of how psychology can be applied to witnesses and their eyewitness testimony and offender intervention.

This chapter aims to show how (forensic) psychologists are involved in the criminal justice system. This chapter therefore produces an argument for how psychologists are used in given investigative advice on behaviour and the gathering of evidence, aiding in the production or implementation of policies of serious offenders (in relation to court practices), and what to do with the offenders (prison or alternatives?); before, during and after trial. This chapter also discussed the question ‘what works?’. This evaluates whether the practice of psychology is achieving its desired aim, such as in relation to rehabilitation or directing offenders with mental health issues to alternatives other than prison.

The conclusions of this chapter centre on how psychology have helped the criminal justice system, in regards to witness protection and witness evidence, the techniques the police u...

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...ical label is given to people who deviate from the social norms and that the label is used to justify a stronger and more indefinite supervision on the individual. Others arguments ask for a distinction between nature (internal organic) and nurture (social circumstances); what ‘causes’ antisocial behaviour: it is really mental health (caused by nature and/or nurture) or is it a question of who defines what is deviant?

The conclusions of this article are that, despite antisocial personalities may be a result of social factors, such as faulty social learning as a result of unfavourable social circumstances which may lead to mental health issues resulting in antisocial behaviour, psychiatry and psychology still are important in the investigation of deviant behaviour. However, the medical approach needs to acknowledge that economic and social pressures are also involved.

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