Essay on A Brief Note On Fashion And Textile Industry

Essay on A Brief Note On Fashion And Textile Industry

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Fashion and textile industry is very huge and diverse which includes a variety of processes that cause pollution in the environment throughout different levels of the supply chain. As consumers’ social and environmental concerns have grown in the last decade, so has interest in eco-fashion. Behind fast-changing fashion trends, the apparel industry generates substantial environmental and resource depletion problems throughout the textile lifecycle (Gam & Banning, 2011).
Every stage in a garment’s life threatens our environment and society in one way or the other with so many different chemicals, dyes, raw materials, labor ethics, and many more in the process of making a finished product. Nevertheless, the industry and the consumers are making strides to measure and lessen these harmful effects on our environment and society. But it is also need to think about the afterlife of these garments, what becomes of the clothing that doesn’t sell, wears off or goes out of style? More often than not, it is discarded in giant landfills which again leads to waste and pollution harming the environment and impacting the society. With a systematic approach it is possible for a win-win situation for different components of a supply chain, as well as social and environmental performance and for which, a next generation strategy will need to consider the entire supply chain or rather a closed loop supply chain, where the end of use does not mean the end of life. It involves a number of steps and networks created by the industry to produce a product or service and get it to the consumer, then again close the loop using different measures like reuse, donate, recycle and more. The closed loop supply chain includes multiple members such as ...

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...iven the success of the organic apparel market, but the premium on non-GM fibers suggests that sustainable production systems that are not organic may be successful if they emphasize other attributes such as local or non-GM (Hustvedt & Dickson, 2011).
Finally, it is of great importance to observe and understand the post purchase behavior of consumers to find out what happens to all the clothes that are being manufactured and purchased- afterlife of a garment is equally important for sustainable fashion. The consumers ' clothing disposal behavior based on empirical literature published during the past 30 years through which it was understood that most of the consumers would like to recycle clothing than just disposing and also that the reasons for disposal was wear and tear, poor fit and fashion or boredom, in addition to lack of storage space( Laitala 2014).

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