A Brief Note On Driving While Driving Is A Major Issue Today Society Today

A Brief Note On Driving While Driving Is A Major Issue Today Society Today

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exting while driving is a major issue in society today. The Auto Alliance provides guidelines for in-vehicle technologies, the alliance has been around for at least ten years. Since then they 've provided these rules and regulations for the "National Traffic Highway Safety Administration". With this black and white image they want us to picture what a person 's last word may be before a crash, texting and driving is a distraction everyone should avoid. This picture uses the letters "OMG" in capitals and bold, with cracked and shattered glass around the words, along with some splatters of what may be blood. Along with the picture there is an argument whether having vehicles with hands-free capabilities is good or bad. The technologies we have in vehicles now are great, and they bring us use of hands free communication with others while on the go. The image provided on page 473 of our book, "Current Issues and Enduring Questions" creates an image in societies mind to intimidate those who text while driving on a regular basis. This behavior needs to be put to an end, and with vehicles that provide hands-free technology this can become possible.
This visual argument uses a few different styles of type while getting the point across to the readers. The letters used are "OMG", this is a phrase commonly used in texting that stands for "oh my gosh". In the image the phrase is capitalized, bolded and has a large print. The author used bold words to get across to the reader the main point. This main point is showing what a dangerous text can look like. Even that text, although very short can still be distracting while looking down momentarily. Making the letters large can grab the readers attention right away and show that t...

... middle of paper ...

... that comes in the car. This is preferred, rather than look away from the road to look at a phone for a text or to get directions. The opposing side is stating that talking on the phone is distracting no matter if it is hands-free or not. They believe that cell phone use while driving should be eliminated all together. The design was done by the Auto Alliance who wants you to use the technology in the car, the image is meant to scare people away from texting while driving. Even a simple text message that is three letters can cause a terrible accident, it can harm not only oneself but others as well. This needs to be thought of all the time and not taken lightly. While enjoying the technological world, society should also be safe. The best way to do this is with the best kind we have available to us, and right now that is driving and communicating hands-free.

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