A Brief Note On Cultural Identity Through Education Essay

A Brief Note On Cultural Identity Through Education Essay

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Cultural Identity through Education
Specialized knowledge is one of the most important assets a person needs to establish a strong identity. Leaving and establishing identity can be gained from informal or formal environment of education. Even though both, formal and informal environments are one of the biggest tools used now throughout higher education and in the workforce to teach and to establish a strong identity with knowledge, everyone either grows their knowledge by informal or formal learning. An Informal education environment is the most effective way a student can learn, and will gain a person knowledge, practical skills and a creative character that would be required and helpful in a working environment.
Higher learning educational school systems tend to contain a student’s mindset through formal education, and although formal education can contribute to higher learning, it mostly is causing the students’ brains to fully and solely focus on the information being presented to them. This causes students to form an identity shaped by another individual, a robot like identity. Like Mark Edmunson states, “For you risk trying to be someone other than who you are, which, in the long run, is killing” (28). This quote shows what can happen by letting others such as administrators, define the career paths and who they want a person to become as a professional. Formal learning environment is like a bus, the students are on board and the bus takes its own route. The bus refers to the educational system and instructors who set their students goals and objectives for them, rather than students setting their own academic goals. “Sometimes an adult’s tendency to learning is more closely related to feelings of either being part of ...

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... to. Rhetorical knowledge will not give a person the training necessary to improve one’s skills. Reading book after books will give you information but will be forgotten a couple hours after reading because the brain only holds it for a short period of time. But practicing, experimenting, and training will surely improve a person’s skill that one is trying learn about, but practice is what makes a person perfect.
Many different people learn many different ways. Formal and Informal learning can differently and both positively impact each individual student trying to find their identity as professionals and within their higher learning. Although formal learning itself has a critical and lasting effect on the student’s learning path, informal learning can truly enrich their minds and the way students can grow their identities to the professionals they desire to become.

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