A Brief Note On Criminology And The Police Officer Essay

A Brief Note On Criminology And The Police Officer Essay

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The individual that I interviewed Adolpho Mariel is a current police officer, ex border patrol officer, and retired veteran from the army. My connection to officer Mariel is through a friend of my younger brother (he is the uncle of my brother’s friend). I have met officer Mariel before, interacting with him in birthday parties or celebrations where we have both been invited through my younger brother and his friend. I have never really had a conversation with him about his career as a police officer, I knew he worked in San Diego but I never dwelled on his job. The reason he became an obvious choice for this interview was because of his wide variety of experience in multiple fields that I am interested in. The fact that he can compare and contrast between the military, border patrol and police is helpful to me, since I am interested in those fields of work. Our interview took place in his house and I asked him the questions I was presented with.

1) Date of Interview- 3/12/2016
2) Where did Interview take place- 32756 Castana Drive Temecula 92592 (Officers house)
3) Name of Officer and agency- Adolpho Mariel California Highway patrol
4) Gender- Male
5) Age- 45
6) Race/ethnicity- Hispanic
7) Years’ experience- 14 years
8) Rank- Officer
9) Education; college degree bachelor
10) Type of Agency; police Agency
11) Why did you become a police officer? Did you find what you expected? Why or why not?
Officer Mariel stated that, “He likes the work”. Then he explained that he always wanted to work in the government sector, helping people out. He also knew what to expect because of his experience before being a police officer, being in the Army, and border patrol. His prior work helped him get accustomed to his p...

... middle of paper ...

... I have been in a car accident before, I have noticed the questions and process that they go through when dealing with a bad car accident. My concern would obviously be the big accidents that deal with multiple victims and whether or not I could handle being in such a responsible position. Being an officer, I would be accountable for people’s lives, and that is a lot a responsibility that I need to be prepared for. Luckily, as officer Mariel stated in our interview those circumstances of huge accidents are not that frequent, but they do make an impression on an individual. Besides those rarer accidents, work as an officer in his department seems to have a similar routine, of driving around taking calls of accidents and a lot of paperwork. From this interview I know have a glimpse in at least the basics of what makes a good police officer from an experienced officer.

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