A Brief Note On Criminology And The Criminal Justice System Essay

A Brief Note On Criminology And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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1. Define what criminology and introduce theory 200
Criminology is a field of scientific study focused on crimes and criminals. Criminology has been studied for many years, and throughout these years several theories have been developed to understand and predict the numerous causes of crimes and to figure out possible ways to respond and attempt to fix these crimes and make any improvements to the criminal justice system to ensure a safe society. One specific approach within criminology is the labelling perspectives. This theory aims to understand the response of others, who identify and interpret activities and certain individuals as deviant. This essay will examine the labelling perspective and how it relates to both the criminal justice system and society.

1. Explanation including definition of crime and causes of crime
• The labelling perspectives seek to analyse how the behaviour displayed by individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It is often seen to be closely associated with the self-fulfilling prophecy, and a major concept of stereotyping. Due to the vast contribution from a number of different theorists that uphold a wide scope of views, the labelling perspective is very diverse and thus holds the ability to be applied to different aspects of society. The labelling theory connects to great sociological ideas of Durkheim such as symbolic interactionism and the conflict theory. Symbolic interactionism proposes that there are four steps of the labelling process. Firstly, the negative label is given to an individual in which, someone uses negative words or terms to describe the individual (such as deviant or criminal). The...

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...fferent labelling theorists, they have shown that the conforming members of society, who interpret certain behaviours as being deviant and then attach this label to individuals, determine the distinction between deviance and non-deviance, which can then determine the future of an individual as they will take on the label given to them, this in turn will lead to a life of criminal behaviour. Thus, the labelling perspectives can be known to shape how the individual acts in an attempt to fit in with title in which they at labelled. However, the labelling perspectives fails to explain why people break the law while the majority conform explaining that people go about minding their own business and then out of nowhere society gives them a stigmatised label. The theory blames society and portrays criminals as innocent victims which are is not always the case. Akers, (1994)

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A Brief Note On Criminology And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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