A Brief Note On Crime Prevention And Prevention Essay

A Brief Note On Crime Prevention And Prevention Essay

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Crime Prevention
PeeJay Nowling
Argosy University Online

Crime Prevention
To keep the community safe crime prevention must be on a continuous basis and something law enforcement personnel and police keep on top of. It should include the community and the citizens of the community to help get the message out there to keep the society safer. There have been many crime prevention strategies tested and some that proved to work and others that failed miserably. The strategies that fail can be used to rethink and utilize how things may be done differently in the future and what and what does not work in what areas. Seattle and Washington State have developed new strategies to help keep communities safer (Seeker, 2012).
One of the state’s newest strategies is to install a gunshot detector system that has sensors around the city that can ping the gunshot sound to a specific locale. Other strategies have cameras all around the city which can track individuals wherever they go with few blind spots. This helps deter individuals from committing property crimes by keeping an eye on them as...

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