A Brief Note On Crime : Imprisonment, Detection And Social Factors Essay

A Brief Note On Crime : Imprisonment, Detection And Social Factors Essay

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they will mix with other criminals and be influenced negatively. Longer sentences have shown to be an effective way to lower recidivism rates. According to “Acquisitive Crime: Imprisonment, Detection and Social Factors", researchers concluded that an increase of just one month in the average sentence length in burglaries – from 15.4 to 16.4 months – would reduce burglaries in the following year by 4,800, out of an annual total of 962,700. A longer sentence would be even more successful if programs such as job training were in place.
Job training needs to be offered in prisons to help prisoners start a career when they are released. The jobs offered by prisons right now often involve basic tasks because of the scale of prisoners involved, which the prisoners view to be tedious and unhelpful because they cannot use it in occupations after they are released. If the prisoners are also given job training it will be of value in the real world apart from learning lessons in crime. According to Prison Fellowship, an organization created to help inmates, as many as 60 percent of ex-prisoners are unemployed one year after their release from prison. Employment provides ex-prisoners with many benefits such as an income, a sense of stability, and social connections with better people. These will provide them with a healthy well-being and sense of security. It will lead them to do better things with their lives which in all will lower recidivism rates. “The findings, from the largest-ever meta-analysis of correctional educational studies, suggest that prison education programs are cost effective, with a $1 investment in prison education, reducing incarceration costs by $4 to $5 during the first three years’ post-release” (Rodriguez). Rand Corp...

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...y are released they can provide for themselves. Additionally, alternatives must be established so that prisons have a stable plan to discipline criminals and reduce the number of repeat offenders. All of these things will lead to a more efficient prison and increase the chances of a better society. Prisoners must be more productive instead when they are released otherwise there is no point in sending them there. If prisons do not do this, there is no point of sending criminals or releasing them because they will never change their lifestyle. The prisons need to be reformed in order for it to become more efficient. There is no need to sentence criminals into unsafe living conditions if the outcome will be the same. Prison reform must be made until prisoners are released with the power and knowledge to make a positive impact on their life and the society they live in.

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