A Brief Note On Crime And The Crime Essay example

A Brief Note On Crime And The Crime Essay example

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Crime in Louisiana
Crime can be accomplished in many, many different ways. There is murder, theft, assault, vandalism, the break-down of all of those sorts, and tons more. Believe it or not, as of 2012, Louisiana was ranked fourth in the United States for overall crime rate. Wikipedia is a great source to use when looking up information about crime in Louisiana. This page has credible sources and plenty of references to back up its information, it provides a neutral and unbiased view, it is structured the correct way for an informational source, and it also has a few incorrect statements and references that need correction.
Although people can edit information on Wikipedia, I believe this source is quite reliable. It uses references to other sites to back up its information and if the link is dead, that’s an easy fix. A dead link is one that when clicked on, it results in a blank page or it just does not do anything. This source is well written for its intended audience which would most likely be anyone curious in Louisiana crime or doing a research paper on it. It gives homicide, crime, and basic statistics about Louisiana, also covering information on New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s two most important cities. The last two sections briefly cover capital punishment laws and notable criminals. There were a few errors that I came across, but with just a little bit of research and a new, reliable reference it can be fixed in no time at all.
Overall, I believe the authors of this article provided a neutral language and wrote without being biased. There was no opinions throughout the page, just facts. Just about all of the numerical information is backed up by statistics and they are not just random, made up numbers.

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...ould like to read up on him. There were a few other corrections that took place in order to make the page a little better and updated. The updated corrections are cited by credible sources now, not dead links.
My experience with Wikipedia on finding out information about crime in Louisiana was overall positive. Wikipedia is a great source with tons of useful, cited information. Although some information is incorrect or just needs to be updated, it still houses a lot of useful information. This page has a decent amount of credible sources and references, it is completely unbiased and uses a neutral language, and it is structured in a well thought out manner. Wikipedia is an amazing source to use no matter what the research topic may be. People are working on this site every day to make sure it stays up to date and correct so that we can be educated a bit more by it.

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