A Brief Note On Crime And Gun Control Essay

A Brief Note On Crime And Gun Control Essay

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Crime and Gun Control
The US is among the various countries that are having problems with enacting laws that control guns. However, what the world fails to understand is that controlling guns does not end crime. Controlling crimes is the only sure manner and way of maintaining peace and order in various states across the US and the whole world. The various administrations have been trying to address the issue of mass shootings and illegal owning of firearms to no success. Controlling guns cannot thus end crime. The solution lies with putting an end to the crime itself first before checking on guns.
There are various reasons in support of this. First, controlling guns do not clear the streets of criminals. Even if the government engages in reducing the number of guns that are in possession by people, it cannot reduce the number of criminals. It should therefore arrest and charge all criminals available as the best approach to controlling crime. It is these criminals who are very much specialized in ensuring that that guns move within themselves without any notice of the law (Merino 54)
Another reason is that the government should come up with the best legislative laws that can offer hefty fines and strict sentences to anyone involved in crime. The nature of the crime should not matter in such a case. Provided the person has been involved in any criminal activity, they should be charged before a court of law. This will be the only way justice can be found in a society that is there today. The judicial system should thus be strengthened with the best instruments available to avoid any future problems.
People should in fact not be allowed to teach their kids how to use guns when they are still young. This one makes the child growing ...

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...woman out alone after dark is asking for trouble. Presently, for millions of women of all socioeconomic backgrounds, sundown is lockdown. We are prisoners of violent strangers” (Silko 02).
To sum up with, controlling crime is the best approach in ending crime in the country. A focus on controlling guns will not result in any positive results. At the end of the day, the government will have lost and the criminals will have won. It is therefore prudent for the concerned parties to ensure that they control crimes for any sanity to be back in the country. This will help in restoring the peace and harmony that used to be on the streets. Vulnerable groups such as women, children and the old should be protected adequately from the dangerous gun-shielding individuals in a manner that is required. This is because of their inability to defend themselves in cases of attack.

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