A Brief Note On Companies And International Business Essay

A Brief Note On Companies And International Business Essay

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A. Types of Companies in International Business
Companies that do an international business generally defined as companies that do the business in more than one country and have an active management for its international business (Business Dictionary, 2016). Commonly, the companies that do the international business categorized as Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) or Multinational Companies (MNCs). In addition, those companies also do the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), since most of the companies that do an international business have an active management towards it. Yet, there are also some of them that only buy the share of the local companies without involved in the management system in the host countries of their business, which called Portfolio/Foreign Investment (FI). The MNEs or MNCs that do the international business mostly come from private companies, NGOs, and subsidiary companies that do not have to be dependent on the home market only. For example, technologies, foods, clothes, and even house appliances companies can be examples of companies that do an international business.
B. Career Opportunities from Studying International Business
By studying international business, people can gain knowledge about the development of business in global environment, as well as to set a global mind on how to manage and solve the risks of doing business globally and internationally (Smith, 2016). Since the economic development is being global and make one country has to cooperate with other countries for better economic development, it creates so many career opportunities for people to work in a global business areas, such as accountant, human resource management, marketing officer, supply chain management, or and even investor.

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...MNCs). There are so many MNEs and MNCs that have became global and mobile in the world today, which also has a big contribution to its host country’s economy through resources and technologies. Moreover, there are so many countries that allow them to have a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which purposefully to help them growing their economy better, especially for the developing countries. Yet, the more the MNEs/MNCs comes the more problems that those countries may face. Although it brings some benefits for their economy, production, and technologies, those countries may loss their sovereignty that can be caused by between the host countries’ government and the MNEs/MNCs, since their economic development still dependent with the MNEs/MNCs (Vernon, 1971). As a result, the MNEs/MNCs power may be higher than the countries’ power towards the countries’ rules and policy.

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