A Brief Note On Child Trafficking And Slavery Essay

A Brief Note On Child Trafficking And Slavery Essay

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Child Trafficking and Slavery
In the Chocolate Industry

Megan Green
Timothy MacNeill
Social Policy
Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Historically, the chocolate industry in Africa has been accused of covering up the trafficking of children and the use of child labour in coco plantations. It has been proven that young children work as slaves in the chocolate industry (Mistrati & Romano, 2012). Despite the Harkin-Engel Protocol agreement signed in 2001 stating that, “child labour and the trafficking of children are prohibited in the coco industry after 2008”, the use of child labour is prevalent amongst coco plantations on the Ivory Coast (Mistrati & Romano, 2012). This paper will address the main social issues and effects of child trafficking in the coco industry, and propose policy solutions to help combat these issues. The international chocolate trade is associated with the use of child trafficking and child labour which has created allegations of abusive conditions raising human rights concerns for the government and coco industry participants (Schrage & Ewing, 2005). By creating polices in regards to labour practice, back road access and plantation relocation we can help address the main issues at hand.

The existence of child labour and child trafficking has developed international problems for the Ivorian government, the farmers, the European and American manufacturers and the consumers who buy the chocolate. Issues include cases of slave labour relating to the economic system and Africa’s dependence on an unstable export crop (Chanthavong, 2002). The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are 378,000 children working on the Ivory ...

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...s and consumers to oversee this. In order to make societal changes we must make chocolate manufactures and others blindly involved in the coco industry aware of the issue of child slavery and child trafficking and the impacts that come as a result of this dangerous work.


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