A Brief Note On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And The Workplace Essay

A Brief Note On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And The Workplace Essay

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As you become older in the workplace there are certain issues that most people have to

deal with while working at an office job or skill trades, which can take a toll on a person. The

demand of the more outgoing jobs are decreasing, leaving more people having to settle working

at a job sitting in an office. It might be hard to believe but office jobs are not as safe as you think.

There are many health problems from working at a desk but here are the 5 main health issues.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, back pain, bacteria and stress. Being an elderly worker you

are more prone to these health risks. Carpal tunnel syndrome is when a person types too much

causing pain, numbness and soreness. Eye strain and back pain are both caused by sitting in front

of a computer. By staring at the computer screen all day, you may experience dry eyes and

headaches and while sitting for long periods at a time can truly hurt your back muscle. To avoid

these make the front bigger, always wear corrective lenses if needed and take breaks by walking

around. The last two problems are bacteria and stress. While working in the office there are

hundreds the times of bacteria then a bathroom making it difficult not to catch an illness. Dealing

with fast paste making sure you complete work on time can cause stress on a person triggering

depression and heart disease. Creating a sanitary work environment and having a healthy outlet

to deal with stress can benefit a person to avoid those issues. Being an elderly person you have a

higher risk encountering these health concerns not being activate as much, eyesight and health is

not the same as it used to be and just not used to the work load.

When it comes to skill trades...

... middle of paper ...

... is not mandatory in Canada, person may continue to work as long as they are fit for the job. For employees who are older, this may benefit them as they want to continue to work after the age of 65. For younger workers trying to move up in a company or just trying to find employment, this can be a detriment. This is because the longer older employees stay in the workforce, the less jobs there are for younger workers.

In the end, the retirement age causes conflict between younger workers trying to progress in their careers and older workers who want to stay in the workforce. It also causes issues for companies who want to bring in younger workers as well as issues for older workers who want to stay with the company. To sum it up, the retirement age is one of the major issues surrounding aging in the workplace and causes conflict every day in workplaces across Canada.

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