A Brief Note On British Petroleum And The Oil Spill Essay

A Brief Note On British Petroleum And The Oil Spill Essay

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Introduction: British Petroleum is a big name in the Oil industries. It is counted as one among the seven super major oil and gas producing organizations. Main focus of the business is to extract oil, generating energy, making lubricants and petrochemicals for individual customers as well as the other related companies. British Petroleum is a multinational company operating its business in more than 70 countries. (bp.com)

Oil Spill at Gulf of Mexico: Deepwater Horizon witnessed the dangerous British petroleum oil spill explosion. It was April 20, 2010 on the calendar when approximate five million barrels of oil was discharged in Gulf of Mexico plus records showed 11 people dead due to such oil spillage. This spill over was regarded as the biggest one among the all in the history of oil spill. (Esperanza Martinez)

Damage by Oil Spill: A major damage is caused to the environment near the place where this hazard occurred. Some of the main cities of United States like Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana were adversely effected. The cleanup required two special chemicals which were never ever practically tested in real world, they caused a huge damage to the growth of flora and fauna under water near Gulf of Mexico. Records are also showing the quantity of chemicals utilized to neutralize the effect of oil spill was considered as largest in the U.S. till now i.e. 1.8 million gallons of chemical. (Esperanza Martinez)

Response by British Petroleum: They have taken the following responsibility:
• Responsibility to clean-up the oil spill as early as possible.
• Follow the guidelines provided by federal government to compensate the people affected by the oil spill.
• Taking care of their health protection and other rights agai...

... middle of paper ...

... in such industries. (Costing A Green Future)

Cause of oil spill: According to British petroleum following were the causes:
1. Incapability of cement which was not strong enough to stop the leakage.
2. Problem was not identified at early stage.
3. Problem in operations of machinery parts.
4. No accurate observations of testing.
5. Missing of some safety devices. (Mullins)

British Petroleum for Sustainability: British petroleum similar like its competitors Shell, should take care of triple bottom i.e. people, profit and planet.
• Environmental protection from oil leakage by using proper safety measures.
• Employees’ Safety and Health Benefits to gain their loyalty.
• Increase green marketing to attract customers.
• Do not include oil spillage cost in selling price as it will ruin the market by losing consumers.
• Do not waste non-renewable resources of any nation.

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