A Brief Note On Being The Nurse Manager Essay

A Brief Note On Being The Nurse Manager Essay

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Telecare unit. Being the nurse manager, he assumes the leadership in developing professional relationship among the multidisciplinary team. Mr. Thathamkulam has an open door policy and instructs all his staff to report to him any problems, which arise time to time so that it can be taken care of in the initial stage. He monitors all the team members on a daily basis. Mr. Thathamkulam functions as the chair of the safety committee for Eye Care Line; he monitors for Joint Commission safety compliance in the care line, identifies safety hazards, follows up with fire drills, attends hospital wide safety meetings, conducts quarterly safety meetings in the care line and reports to the hospital wide safety committee chair. He attends nurse manager council on a regular basis. He is an active member of Hospital Informatics council. He also participated and contributed to the different committees in Telecare unit and organizational committees and its needs.

He was the chair person for the staffing /scheduling committee and the succession planning committee in Telecare unit. In preparation for the 2014 URAC survey, he thought it would be prudent to develop a mock survey to assess the abilities and knowledge of Telecare staff. He was one of the leading staff members for the preparation of the URAC survey. He prepared sample questions for the survey and did a mock Survey among the staff. The questions were designed to increase the knowledge of Telecare policies and procedures in day to day activities. Employees were asked about suicide protocol, how to chart during computer downtime, the Telecare organization chart, and then names of the privacy officer and Information security officers. He also created and helped other staffs for poster pre...

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...ed Call Distributor (ACD); he did a PowerPoint presentation to the Telecare staffs staff to improve the abandonment rate and average speed of answer for both the receptionist and nurse queues. This transparent data and in services resulted an improvement to the queues. As a charge nurse, he always monitored high volume of calls situations. Such situations, he used to alert staff via link message and actively responded to answer Veterans’ calls. As a result of his action, there is an improvement of the metrics of average speed to answer. The abandonment rate was reduced from 36.7% to 8.2% at the end of year 2014, which was close to the URAC standard (5%). This collaborated effort helped and managed to meet the URAC standard for the Telecare department in order to get the URAC certification and thus improve the MEDVAMC performance among VISN 16 hospitals group as well.

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