A Brief Note On Atmospheric Contamination And Its Effect On The Quality Of Air

A Brief Note On Atmospheric Contamination And Its Effect On The Quality Of Air

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Atmospheric contamination may be defined as the mixing of perilous matters (solid, liquid or gaseous) into earth’s atmosphere (Harish 2012). Atmospheric pollution is considered as a chief ecological issue all over the globe. It is believed that automobiles are the main cause for the pollutants that reduce the quality of air. Therefore, reducing automobile emissions have become the prime objective for controlling air contamination.(Ferrara 2007). According to (Harish 2012) transport segment is the chief consumer of oil, and uses around 50% of the oil stock in the globe.
Indian economy is considered as one of the fastest developing economy in the world (Saxena, Gopal et al. 2013).Indian automobile business is the sixth largest automotive business in the globe with a significant growth of 14.4% over the last ten years. Vehicle production in India has shown a significant progress and it increased from 10.85 million in 2007-2008 to 20.63 million in 2012-2013 (Bhattacharya 2014). Automobile industry in India consist of automobiles as well as automobile parts. Cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, sports utility vehicles (SUV) and tractors are included in automobile section whereas engine, brake system, transmission, tyres, are included in automobile parts. Value of Indian vehicle industry is 34 billion dollars and is expected to become 145 billion dollars in the next decade. Growth of the industry is at a rate of 10% -15% with an average sale of one million vehicles per year. India is the largest manufacture of tractors and the second largest producer of two wheelers across the globe.(Muthusamy 2013).
According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM), a grant total 23,366,246 vehicles were manufactured in India...

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...the organisation. The main Advantage of GSCM is that it helps to develop a green product, which is eco-friendly. GSCM helps to reduce the cost and risk and also helps to increase the efficiency of an organisation (Nikbakhsh 2009). (Srivastava 2007) defines GSCM as “ integrating environmental thinking into supply chain management, including product design, material sourcing and selection, manufacturing processes, delivery of the final product to the consumers as well as end-of-life management of the product after its useful life”. According to (Jain and Sharma 2012) In GSCM, the raw materials, procedures and the output used will be eco-friendly and the final product will be a recyclable one with a certain end life. Now supply chain researchers are more and more interested in GSCM. This increase in importance is due to the increasing degradation in earth’s atmosphere.

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