Essay on A Brief Note On Agriculture And Agriculture Practices

Essay on A Brief Note On Agriculture And Agriculture Practices

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Although people are becoming aware of the significance of land protection, the amount of arable land is still decreasing at an alarming rate. More specifically, according to a study cited by UNCCD, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the land degradation costs about $490 billion per year. However, if sustainable actions are taken, there will be $1.4 trillion increase in crop production.

Therefore, in order to mitigating the loss of arable land due to modern U.S. agriculture practices, United States Department of Agriculture gathers information about the causes, consequences and possible solutions that EESI can consider when taking actions to promote an environmentally sustainable society.

Causes and Consequences
As modern technology has changed and progressed, so have the modern U.S. agricultural practices. Though modern agricultural methods like monoculture efficiently produce mass quantities of products at lower costs in a relatively short amount of time, the damage that farm factoring techniques have on the environment such as soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, and human health impacts speak much louder.

A. Inorganic fertilizers
-Although food production is maximized, inorganic fertilizers are easily over applied since they are available right away to plants (process takes less time) and since they are water solvable.
-Inorganic fertilizers lower soil fertility and elicit many pollution problems because they are derived from non-renewable resources and processed from petroleum or other gases.
-For example, phosphorus from fertilizers can cause an accumulation of algae in lakes or ponds, killing fish by robbing them of oxygen. According to “Environment The Science Behind the Stories”, ...

... middle of paper ...

...ted by planting plants that absorb toxins.

At first glance, solutions to soil degradation may seem to entail the task of balancing agricultural economical needs with those of environmental sustainability. Though modern agricultural methods like monoculture efficiently produce mass quantities of products at lower costs in a relatively short amount of time, the damage that farm-factoring techniques have on the environment such as soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, and human health impacts speak much louder. The fact of the matter is that the great harm done to the environment and humanity should not undermine economic growth since degradation and public health will have to be compensated for eventually. Instead, new technologies, research, and environmental collaboration can generate low-cost solutions that promote agricultural sustainability.

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