Essay about A Brief Look at The Republic of Sudan

Essay about A Brief Look at The Republic of Sudan

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The Republic of Sudan has withstood occupation, six decades of civil war, a fissure resulting in the 54th African State, and remains a damaged nation abundant with violence and little else. Third largest of the African States, Sudan boasts an impressive 171st place out of the 187 countries ranked by the Human Rights Index in 2012, citing sociopolitical and financial factors in their verdict. The economic future of Sudan is unpredictable. Its rapidly declining GDP of $2,600 ($200’s lower than it was in 2012), Sudan takes an international 181st place and distinguishes itself as one of the most undeveloped nations in the world. However, the overwhelming problem that has consistently afflicted this desert nation since the 8th century is the inter-communal violence between North and South Sudan, two formerly united countries as far apart in outlook, culture, and politics as night and day. In the summer of 2011, following decades of civil conflict, South Sudan seceded from Sudan with the hopes of establish a peaceful coexistence with the North. Today, the Darfur conflict in Western Sudan, a battle entangling the government and two massive rebel groups, has led to 300,000 deaths -- and since 2011, the South has been experiencing heavy violence in the Jonglei state; a problem compounded by South Sudan's inability to protect its civilians. Abject poverty and uncertainty define the state of Sudan; the decades of violent inter and post-colonial civil warfare -- fueled by deeply rooted ethnic and political strife -- combined with the disparate Northern and Southern Sudanese culture, resources, and religious standing, have driven the narrative of Sudan's turbulent history
Sitting squarely on the border of Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa, Sudan ...

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...s always had the potential for prosperity given their oil-rich land, but it continues to suffer from underdevelopment and internal divisions. In South Sudan, the government is dominated by the Dinka and the rebel groups, mainly the Nuer, who still frequently fight amongst themselves. Many of their villages lack running water, metal and electricity and 40% of the population needs food aid to survive. 75% of adults are illiterate. More money is spent than for the "budget for education, health care, electricity, roads and industry combined." Tensions between the Northern and Southern Sudanese still run high, with massacres, genocides and battles still leaving hundreds of thousands of casualties per year. These differences have no foreseeable resolution in sight, and today, both North and South Sudan exist as fractured nations hanging precariously close to destruction.

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