A Brief Look at the Comoro Archipielago Essay

A Brief Look at the Comoro Archipielago Essay

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According to Islamic mythology, a “jinni” meaning spirit in Arabic dropped a jewel in the sea, producing a volcano that erupted forming the Comoros islands today. It is suspected that Phoenician sailors were the first to visit Comoros due to their excessive travel, specifically from Mediterranean Sea ports (1). They expedited towards the North Atlantic Ocean circling the entire African continent making one of many stops in Mayotte, Comoros. Earliest inhabitants of the land were of 5th to 6th century Melanesian or Polynesian sailors as well. Archeologists have found traces of these sailors in Nzwani, which is part of the archipelago islands that form Comoros today. Islanders dispatched emissaries to Mecca upon hearing about Islam in the 7th century. Even though the prophet Mohammed passed before the delegates arrived, conversion to the new religion was already starting to commence. The Arab Shirazi clan, were credited on the Islands for building mosques in the 15th to the 16th century. A civilization was evolving and in 1505, the Portuguese decided to start their version of colonialism. The British and French followed in the same footsteps all throughout the 19th century, as Nzwani became a major supply hub for European opportunists. The French finally succeeded in its “divide and conquer” surgical methods and tactics, and by the end of World War 2, France had full control of the Comoros Islands and was represented by its own French legislature. Independence for Comoros from France moved slowly and quietly and when offered a vote for change, all three Islands were granted autonomous rule with the exception of Mayotte due to its deputies abstaining in a vote for pro French rule, thus as aforementioned above, Mayotte is under...

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...ver 136,000. The last battle the Comoros Defense forces executed was in the Island of Anjouwan in late march 2008. Anjaouwan’s leader Mohammed Bacar refused to step down from his command (5). Comoros Defense Forces with the help of African Union troops retook the capital, Mutsamudu reinitiating stability.
Today, Comoros’ future remains gloomy due to its poor economy and high unemployment rate. It’s only promising aspect regarding its economy, is its agriculture and resilience to tourism. Another fulfilling note is its power sharing equality relative to women’s rights and obedience in the Government towards France, especially with its municipality in Mayotte. With more influential guidance through France, Qatar, and the UAE, Comoros is likely going to keep progressing in facing adversity whether economically, socially or in its governmental security affairs.

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