Essay on A Brief History of the Internet

Essay on A Brief History of the Internet

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The internet is a joint system of networks used to connect billions of other networks around the world. It is because of it that we are able to communicate with others, build businesses, conduct researches, share our knowledge, work from home, and grow into what we are today along with great technology. When you think about it, the internet is essential to life many of us would be lost if it was to disappear. But despite the good use there are some drawbacks that make this great invention not so great after all. Like the lack of security and privacy, viruses’ hackers etc.…
The internet was first launched in the United States back in the 1960’s, according to an article on who invented the internet. “The U.S department of defense were the first world’s Webmasters, they created the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which was used in universities and U.S military computers. By 1981, almost 200 computers were being used on the network and by 1991 (ARPANET) or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network joined all the other networks and combined to form what we all refer to today as the internet”.
For some of us the internet is the world’s greatest invention, but to others, it’s not quite the invention they would think of classifying as the world’s greatest for there are other things that better fit that criteria as the world’s greatest invention, such as things that came before the internet to name a few (fire, electricity, airplanes and computers) to these people the more basic the better with the internet came more corruption. It is only a great invention for its ability to make some things in life easier, like education, job hunting, and opportunities, working from home, growth in telecommunications and the economy and more. ...

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...feration of data being generated from these devices, and because the more the data the more the wealth the more we as consumers are exposed to these acts of piracy.
Security and privacy on the internet starts with you, it will always be something businesses, the government and consumers question. Don’t ever feel that you can’t be a victim of internet fraud, violation of privacy lack of security .no matter how much you spend on antivirus protections monthly or yearly it doesn’t stop there along with that you need to follow the steps of being safe be attentive, and very careful when you log unto a website read, don’t enter your personal information anywhere just because it asked you too, create strong passwords and try resetting them every 30 days encrypt your files be smart. And always remember the very moment you click on that internet button you become a target.

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