Essay about A Brief History of San Jose State Univeristy

Essay about A Brief History of San Jose State Univeristy

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Speaking briefly about the history of San Jose State University, in 1857 San Jose State University was founded and formally known as Minn’s Evening Normal School, located in San Francisco instead of San Jose. Named after Principal George W. Minns, Minn’s Evening Normal School focused was on providing education for grade school teachers. By the late 1860’s, Principal William Thomas Lucky thought it was “the best interests of the school and the pupils attending will be promoted by locating where there is more quiet and fewer temptations” (Nellen, 2011). There were several cities that were eager to offer California State Normal School a location. They ultimately decided to settle in San Jose in December 1869. On October 20, 1870, the first building to be built was Washington Square, which was donated by the City of San Jose. The building was not finished until 1871. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire in 1880 and it was deemed unsafe after the 1906 earthquake. Washington Square then was rebuilt and also given a new name, Tower Hall. A flash-forward to today, many things have change about San Jose State University. First, it is now known as San Jose State University, and not California State Normal School. Next, they now offer over 130 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Back in 1870, the population of the city was approximately 9,000 people. Modern day San Jose’s population exceeds 900,000 people, with 28,000 students enrolled in San Jose State University.
I asked my parents why they were willing to leave their families behind to migrate to United States and their response was, “To give you an opportunity and education that we can only dream of.” Their emphasis has always been on education. My father was originally ...

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...ademic year or what?" In the Spartan Daily, Associated Students President Shokouh said, "beginning a new chapter in [their] lives," and "only you can achieve your potential" (2003). Through all the ups and downs, which includes the campus’ budget cuts and the suspected gunman last fall occurring near the Sweeney Hall, I without a doubt still believe that San Jose State University is the school for me. While walking around San Jose State University’s campus, I was mentally checking off the list of things I was looking to write about. It came to realize that the campus has a history behind it—more than what meets the eye. The people, the groups, and the surrounding architecture made me realize all the potential San Jose State University has to give. It now holds a significant meaning to me, more than a place I am being educated at; instead it is where I now call home.

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