Essay on A Brief History of Egypt

Essay on A Brief History of Egypt

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When you think Egypt, what initially comes to mind for you? The story behind all of the Great Pyramids, and how they came to be in existence? Cleopatra, the great seductress of many powerful men of Rome? The discovery of the mummies within their dark sarcophagi, buried deep within their pyramids and tombs for all eternity? As fascinating as that might be, we will find in this paper that Egypt is still very rich in culture, diversity, and religions on its own terms. Unfortunately, in the past three years it has become a country of toppled governments, military coups, and vicious brutal disorder within their streets. Though Egypt may not be the massive dynasty it once was before the Roman Empire, it still holds the title “The Gift of the Nile”
Every school kid learns something about Egyptian history. Many children are completely fascinated by the marvels of the Egyptian culture stretching thousands of years ago. Thirty centuries spanned the Egyptian Empire, and during that time they achieved great technological marvels. They were the very first recorded culture of antiquity to believe in life after death, as well as the first people to build structures with stone, and to shape stone to form arches. At the very beginning of the Pharaonic Age, 2200 BC, they put into power their first official ruler, King Menes (Metz). Power was thereby centralized into the hands of a self-proclaimed God King, giving birth to the very first organized society in the known world. The time period as we know it may have seemed primitive to some of us, but the Egyptians in fact had developed a very sophisticated and complex society. They became skilled shipmen, developers of medicine, used astrology to predict floods in order to fertilize and water their...

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