A Brief History of Christians and Islam Essay

A Brief History of Christians and Islam Essay

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During the beginnings of the early middle ages, after the fall of the Roman World, there was an assortment of problems for both the Christian and Muslim religious sects. While there were other important issues at hand for the two religions, no problem faired them worse than the inheritance of the Greco-Roman World. Whether it should be kept or discarded was the most problematic question to be discussed (Perry, p.171).
It was argued for and against by both the Christians and Muslim. It was argued that the cultural inheritance would be beneficial for learning; for both logical processing and for reasoning. But with this came an issue of trust. Could the Christians and the Muslims trust that this knowledge would not corrupt their people and cause them to turn against their beliefs?
Joined in this argument were two different types of people, and both religions had them. You had the religious intellectuals who were well educated, and they “defended the pagan works,” (Perry, p.171). You also had those who thought this learning would lead to corruption and chaos among the two religions.
Christianity, in the end, “preserved the intellectual tradition of Greece,” and the views of the Christian intellectuals were overwhelmingly supported, but the Greco-Roman teachings on philosophical matters went through a series of transformations, in order to keep in accordance with the Christian faith (Perry, p.171).
Islam, in some cases, took similar actions as Christianity did, in preserving its people’s faith and understanding in regard to their own belief system. However, Islam also took different direction in involving Greco-Roman culture, as well as combining these practices with the aestheticism of l...

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...ilosophy could turn away Christians and give them blasphemous thoughts against God, that the reasoning could create heresies among the Christian population who learned such knowledge.
Tertullian would have responded to Charlemagne’s conversions with open arms if there were not any compromises with pagan beliefs and practices. But the problem is that there were many different accommodations made when the Anglo-Saxons and the Germanic tribes were converted (Perry, p.209). He wouldn’t have reject Charlemagne’s pursuit of spreading Christianity, but he wouldn’t have been supporter of embracing pagan rituals in any form. He also would have been against Charlemagne’s fondness of classical learning. He would insisted that Charlemagne reject such nonsense, because he felt that this reasoning and logical dogma could corrupt a person’s very soul (Perry, p.172).

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