A Brief Glimpse Of Immortality Essay

A Brief Glimpse Of Immortality Essay

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A Brief Glimpse of Immortality
For my final project I chose to compare two works of art from ancient Mesopotamia. A visual work of art and a literary one. The visual work of art I chose was the Statuettes of Worshipers which were created around 2900 to 2350 BCE at the Square Temple at Eshnunna, a city in ancient Mesopotamia. The literary artwork I have chosen is the Epic of Gilgamesh written roughly around 2800 BCE by author or authors unknown. It was set in Uruk, another city in ancient Mesopotamia. Both of these works of art share a common theme; the theme of immortality. It is my hopes that within this paper I can accurately show how each of these works of art express this theme, and how it relates to modern society.
The votive statues were created by worshipers of the ancient Mesopotamian gods. They were crafted out of materials such as limestone, alabaster, gypsum, and other such materials (Votive Statues). These statues were created around 2900 to 2350 BCE at the Square Temple at Eshnunna. The creators of these statues created them in their own likeness to be held at the Square Temple, a place of worship to their gods. It was the worshipers belief that the gods would bless these statues and in turn, bless the creators (Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art, 2004). Worship of the gods was a huge part of the culture of Ancient Mesopotamia, as such these votive statues played a major role in that culture.
Another work of art that is important to the history of Ancient Mesopotamia is the Epic of Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh was found inscribed upon 12 incomplete Akkadian-language stone tablets found in the mid-19th century by the Turkish Assyriologist Hormuzd Rassam (Britannica, n.d.). In addition to those tablets parts of ...

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...uare Temple at Eshnunna; both very different mediums of art. Although the mediums are different, both are greatly significant in understanding the cultures of the past. Within each of these works of art the theme of immortality is prevalent. One states the theme very plainly, whereas the other has acquired this theme as time has passed. Never-the-less the theme of immortality is important in understanding each of these works of art. It is this theme of immortality which connects these works of art to our modern day and the dream a lot of us have of living forever. Although many hold this dream, I think the artist Freddie Mercury said it best in his song “Who Wants to Live Forever” when he said “This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us.” Our life is very fleeting in the grand scheme of things, it’s this same fact that gives our life such great importance.

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