A Brief Description of Canada's Parliamentray Democracy Essay

A Brief Description of Canada's Parliamentray Democracy Essay

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A parliamentary democracy is when a political party votes in a leader along with its cabinet members. Also there is a difference between the head of state and the head of government. The head of state is mainly a ceremonial role, but the head of government is the one who is in charge.The parliament is composed of the Sovereign, the Senate, and a House of Commons. The prime minister may be a part of the parliament. He chooses his cabinet ministers and is responsible of the government. The Senate is appointed by Governor General with some help from the Prime Minister. In Canada, a country in which parliamentary democracy is used, a Senator can serve until he or she reaches 75. The House of Commons is the representative chamber, they are composed of Parliament members elected by the people every four or so years. The Senate and the House of Commons review bills. A bill is a piece of legislation that is being considered to become a law. It can’t be a law until it’s passed by the House of Commons and Senate and it needs to receive a royal assent granted by the Governor General on behalf of the Sovereign, this process is faster than in presidential democracies.There are many advantages and disadvantages to the parliamentary system. Some advantages include: It is easier and faster to pass legislation, laws, because the executive branch is dependent on the support of the legislative branch and it often includes members of the legislature, this would, in turn, add more votes in order to pass legislation. The power is often more divided. Some disadvantages of the parliamentary system are that the head of the government is often not directly elected, and the prime minister is elected by the legislature. Some people believe that this system c...

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