A Brief Cultural History of Dr. Guerrero Essay

A Brief Cultural History of Dr. Guerrero Essay

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In getting to know Dr. Guerrero and her cultural history the “Purnell Model for Cultural Competence” is being used. This model provides a framework on which health-care providers learn about different cultures by asking appropriate questions and how to use this information to provide culturally congruent healthcare to their clients. (Purnell, 2013, p. 15)
During our interview, with Dr. Guerrero, there were 35 people in the regular classroom including three men, and 32 women. The ages of the students were between 20 to 48 years of age, not including Dr. Guerrero. The room was relaxed, everyone was seated, and as each interviewer asked their particular questions of their specific domain and time was allowed for Dr. Guerrero to answer each question fully. Based on how Dr. Guerrero answered the questions each student would tailor there next question to her specific answer to glean more information. All of the questions were open ended allowing for Dr. Guerrero to elaborate on her answers and to give more complete responses. The interview started at approximately 1115 and ended around 1430.
Our domain questions involved health care providers and how culture affected the choice of health care providers chosen, what influenced those choices and how that choice impacted the health care that Dr. Guerrero received. It also addressed how she obtained medical care prior to coming to America and once she arrived in America how that changed.
Our domain also looked at how her culture and her family’s decision to move to America impacted her choice to become a nurse. It also looked at how her decision would have been different if she had stayed in Chile and how that might have limited her choices to become a nurse, and how nursing differs in ...

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...ulture is a major part of everyone’s life even if we aren’t aware of it. How we see ourselves, others and other cultures is really important and will affect how we see each other, our clients and their outcomes. We need to be very aware of our biases, and feelings taking them into consideration so that what we learn to make our practice better. We also need to be aware of the societal and institutional biases and make accommodations when we can so that the playing field can be leveled. So that everyone can receive competent, culturally congruent healthcare.

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