A Brief Biography of Mother Teresa Essay

A Brief Biography of Mother Teresa Essay

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Mother Teresa was one of the most renowned humanitarians of her time. She dedicated her life to other people never to herself. She had many missions throughout her lifetime and was well known throughout the world. Mother Teresa was a kind-hearted woman whose quest was to make this world a better place.
Mother Teresa’s birthcity was Skopje in Macedonia and she was born on August 26, 1910. On August 27 1910 she was baptized by the name of Agnes Gonxha Bojazhiu, a name given by her parents (Mother Teresa, Biography [1]). Her parents, Nikola and Drana Bokaxhiu, were Albanian grocers (“Mother Teresa” Encyclopedia [1]) and weren’t very wealthy. When Mother Teresa was 8, in 1919, her father became ill and died. Throughout the rest of her life she was very close to her mother (Mother Teresa, Biography [1]). Her work for others started at home when every night her family would invite someone to eat dinner with them. Her mom would tell her “My child, never eat a single mouthful unless you are sharing it with others.” Not every night would they know the person they ate with sometimes it was just a person from the city. Lastly her family was very involved in their catholic church and the city politics (Mother, Biography [1]).

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In primary or elementary school Mother Teresa went to a local school run by nuns and in secondary or high school she went to a state run school. After high school at age eighteen she joined the Loreto Sisters of Dublin in Ireland. At the convent she took the name Mary Teresa and later become Mother Teresa (Mother Biography [1]). In Dublin she started training to be a nun the continued and finished in Darjeeling, India. In 1928 Mother Teresa took her first religious vows she took her final vows in 1937 (“Moth...

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...markable in so many ways. It’s always sad when someone dies but in Mother Teresa’s case it was a loss to the whole world. Mother Teresa always brought joy to the world wherever she was and still lives in the hearts of many today. Her legacy still lives on today and will forever.

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