Essay about A Brief Biography of John Smith

Essay about A Brief Biography of John Smith

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John Smith played many key roles in the colonies, which made him a very important person in colonial times. He was a very important person in colonial times because of his amount of perseverance in hard situations and not giving in to whatever it might have been he was doing. Also John Smith had fantastic leadership abilities that saved the colonies he was leading from numerous catastrophes. In addition to that, his relationship with the indians greatly benefited the colonists and saved them on more than one occasion.
John Smith was born in Lincolnshire, England sometime between 1579 to 1580 ( pg 1). John Smith was a man of many talents. When he was still a young boy he was apprenticed to a merchant (shmoop pg 1). His father died when Smith was just seventeen. Soon after his father’s death he became a soldier for hire in the English army, also known as “red coats,” and became surprisingly successful in his military career ( pg 1). During his time in the English army, he was captured by the Turks and was taken prisoner ( pg 1). Not long after being imprisoned he became a slave and killed his master because of the cruel treatment he received ( pg 1). He escaped and returned to England in the early 1600s. After that, he became a sailor, an explorer and, a settler in the New World, and a writer in his later years (Mark Canada pg 1). But out of all these things he was best known for establishing “Jamestown,” and in doing so, setting a foundation for The United States of America. One of John Smith’s main reasons for coming to the New World included a taste for an adventure, but the real main reason was for money. By investing in the New World which he thought ...

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