A Brief Biography of Giorgio Armani

A Brief Biography of Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani is a very famous and successful fashion designer. Armani is currently 79 years old and his net worth is $8.5 Billon. Armani was not always rich and successful. Just like everybody else, he started off with just a dream.
Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy on July 11, 1934. He was the son of Maria and Ugo Armani. He has two other siblings, a younger sister and an older brother. His younger sister’s name is Rosanna. His older brothers name is Sergio. Growing up his family wasn’t very wealthy. They were almost poor. Armani and his siblings grew up during the time of World War II. This was a very tough time for them. His family had to witness friends dying firsthand due to the bombings.
Growing up, Armani had dreams and goals just like any other child in the world. His dream was to be a doctor. He attended the University of Piacenza after he graduated high school. After two years of studying anatomy and medicine he had to do his military time. During his time in the military, he realized medicine really wasn’t an interest to him, as it was when he was a child. During this time, there was a cinema near Milan. They would still watch movies even though it was being used as a refuge. This is when fashion first grabbed his attention.
After coming back from his time in the military, Armani did not return to school. Instead, he found a job. He found a job at La Rinascente, a well-known department store in Milan. Here he was designing windows and giving the photographer a hand with any help he needed. He worked there for a while before he was hired as a designer assistant for Nino Cerruti’s. His friend Sergio Galeotti convinced him to work for other companies as well. He would help make designs for free just so he could be known. After a while he began to make his work more and more independent until one day he partnered up with his friend, Sergio, and founded his own men’s clothing line.
Giorgio Armani S.p,A, was founded in 1975. During this time his clothing line was just for men. It wasn’t until the year after that he introduced a women’s clothing line as well. Armani and Sergio didn’t have enough money to start the business so they had no choice but to sell a Volkswagen.

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What started off as just men’s suits grew into more than just that. He released swimsuits, sports wear, underwear, perfumes as well as colognes and much more. He soon realized his work and demand was growing. The only problem was it was only popular in Europe. Armani wanted to expand. In 1980 a famous actor from America, Richard Gere, wore his clothes in a film. This helped introduce Armani’s work in America and soon after, many of Hollywood stars were wearing his clothes.
Everyone wanted to wear Armani’s clothing, they were able to grow and open up stores in Milan. Sadly in 1985 his business partner and friend passed away due to AIDS. After this, a lot of people though the business would surely crumble. This inspired Armani more than ever. He wanted to prove everyone wrong and show him he could be an executive just like he could be a designer. Sure enough he proved everyone wrong. In 1989 he opened his first restaurant. He had more that 2,000 stores around the world by 2000 with sales of $2 billion a year. The demand grew along with his company. He offered home goods and published books. He opened his first hotel in 2010 and is expected to open another one soon. Even though his company is huge Armani continues to work hard. He doesn’t let his success get to him. He hasn’t forgot where he came from. He has his sister and two of his nieces working in his empire with him. Armani has never settled down and had children. He has been with both men and women but on an interview he said he preferred men.
So you can see, Giorgio Armani started off with nothing but a dream and with hard work he has created an enormous company. Doing research on Armani really inspired me because he started off poor and he worked hard and went through a lot to get where he is today. He is known all around the world and has had many awards.

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