A Brief Biography of Charlie Chaplin Essay

A Brief Biography of Charlie Chaplin Essay

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Charlie Chaplin
Charlie was born in April 16th 1889 in England. Even though his early life wasn’t the happiest compared to other children, he found his unknown talent at the age of five making people laugh. His mother and father were also entertainers but became obstructed with problems and troubles in their lives. From that point, Charlies career of becoming an actor was getting closer and closer but his parents were getting worse. At the time he moved to America from London to perform with his half brother, and Charlie got picked up by a studio. His career skyrocketed to success; making many films, achieve many awards, enjoying live. He became one of the highest pay weekly for an actor at the time. While he became an actor, people, especially girls, became attracted to him which led to Charlie having relationships with many other girls. He achieved everything he could have dreamed for, fame, fortune and the ability to do what he wished with his life. He even started his own studio and produced his own films to gain all the profit he could, but that led to problems making him flee from the country because of accusations of helping communism. He left the country to save not just his life but also his wifes’. He lived the rest of his life; traveling, enjoying his life with his loyal wife; and writing books until his death in 1977 (age 88). Charlie Chaplin was a great comedian actor of the 20th century bringing smiles to peoples faces and making people laugh all over the world.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on April 16th 1889 in London, England to Hannah and Charles Chaplin who were both musicians. In London he spent most of his childhood living off his own resources without much help of his parents. His siblings were raised ...

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...all came back and it all started from when he took the stage for his mother, the start of his career.

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