A Brief Biography of Bill Gates

A Brief Biography of Bill Gates

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Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. His full name is William Henry Bill Gates. Bill was known for his for inspiration and success. Through out his life he had different things going on. Bill Gates family is known for high quality wealth. Bill showed his brilliance earlier in life, so his mother and father put him in a private school in Seattle. He would spend hours in the computer room at the high school because he loved it. After the years have passed, he was getting good at computers and loved them. After that he decided to enter Harvard University and study a law major. He continued his occupation for a little but did not finish his college years because he ended up dropping out his freshmen year.
Bill dropped out of school because he knew were his heart and dedication was. It was to work on computer software and start a company. Bill did end up forming Microsoft Software with his friend Paul Allen. They both became computer genesis and great computer programmers. The company “Microsoft” started to expand more and more. It was a high selling product, by the features and how it worked all together.
Bill and Paul’s relationship ended little sooner because Paul was diagnosed with a disease called Hodgkin’s. It was a disease that causes enlargements of the lymph nodes, liver and spleen. This lead to Bill being solo at his Microsoft company. Years passed and the company was earning a lot of money that same year due to the great sales. Bill brought the product Microsoft Windows for one of the highest operating systems in the world. Microsoft Windows also became one of the most advanced software. When Bill Gates turned thirty one, he became a billionaire having his own forty five percent stock. When Bill Gates was in school he mention to his teachers in college that he was going to become a millionaire by age thirty.
Bill Gates later in life married a woman named Melinda French and has three children together. Melinda was a big support to Bill to accomplish his long-term dream to start a foundation to help the poor and the needy. They both started the Melinda and Gates foundation. It has established more than thirty five billion dollars. With all this charity work they did, Bill and Melinda went to a Chicago elementary school to announce grants.

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Bill also gave a number of computers out the schools and provided them with Internet.
Bill was never a man to be selfish about his money. He had said that he would give his thirty billion dollar fortune to charity, rather then leaving it for his children. Bill mentioned to the world, “We want to give back to society in the way that it will have the most positive impact” Bill is the chairman at Microsoft, but mostly spend him time and loyalty to the foundation and charity.
I personally think that Bill was such a great man and a hard worker. He believes in everyone if you’re smart and know how to apply it, you can achieve anything you want to do. Bill was always the type of man to be ambitious, intelligent and competitive. My opinion about Bill Gates will have to be that he was always a man of his words and inspired so many people out there. Even though some of things he did were risk taking he still did it anyway. No matter the situation Bill was never selfish with the billions of dollars he would get. I look at him as a hero and a goddess. I say this because he never forgot about others that needed help in there life. He gave his hand as much as he could and a lot of people are thankful for such a wonderful m an as him. Sad part is he is not here with us anymore but his fame grew threw out the years.

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