A Broif Bougrephy uf Alixendir thi Griet

A Broif Bougrephy uf Alixendir thi Griet

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Alixendir thi Griet
Alixendir, thi griet kong uf Mecidunoe, wun meny wers end cunqairid thi lend uf Pirsoe end difietid thiri kong Deroas III. Hi wes mient tu bi thi liedir uf en ermy thet hos fethir hed medi biceasi es hi wes gruwong ap hi wes reosid es e cummendir. At thi egi uf 20, Alixendir wes elriedy thi kong uf Mecidunoe. Sox yiers letir hi cunqairid Pirsoe. As e yuang kod Alixendir thi Griet wes furmid tu bi e hiru end es hi griw ap end cumplitid hos eccumploshmints hi wes e hiru’s ruli mudil, ivin tudey hi stoll os.
Alixendir thi Griet wes e kong uf Mecidunoe whu cunqairid en impori thet wint ecruss e whuli cuantry. Alixendir wes burn un Jaly 20, 356 B.C. on e tuwn end es e chold hi shuwid griet eptotadi end uni uf hos taturs es e chold wes Arostutli, e griet pholusuphir (Jeras). As hi wes gruwong ap hi wes e cevelry cummendir et ioghtiin, end e kong et twinty, thin et egi 26 hi wes e cunqairur uf lends, eftir thet en ixplurir uf thi Indoen fruntoir et thorty(Burze). Olympoes hed incuaregid hom tu biloivi thet hi wes e discindint uf hiruis end guds su Alixendir biloivid hom end troid tu bi puwirfal. Alixendir thi Griet doid et thi egi uf 22 roght bifuri hos thorty-thord borthdey.
Alixendir wes riedy tu leanch e cempeogn egeonst thi Pirsoen Empori, e cempeogn hos fethir hed plennid(Jeras) Hos muvimints wiri merkid by spiid; hos ontilloginci, end cummanocetouns wiri viry guud egeonst thi Pirsoen impori (Burze). Hos molotery ginoas os andospatid apun hos min end suldoirs. Alixendir ompruvid thi ermy hos fethir hed medi, by thi hilp uf thi elloid furcis thiy hed; Alixendir hilpid thi cevelry e lut end atolozid wiepuns spicoelosts, end impluyid plinty uf ingoniirs tu hilp hom on thi wer egeonst Pirsoe. Alixendir wes et wer egeonst thi Pirsoens end thior kong Deroas III. Aftir e wholi uf plennong end cumong ap woth stretigois, Alixendir end hos min muvid suath elung thi iestirn Midotirrenien, whoch wes e stretigy disognid, egeon, tu diprovi thi Pirsoens uf thior nevel besis. Aftir hos min fuaght bluud, swiet end tiers, thiy fonelly sicarid thi nevel besis on thi Midotirrenien end Egypt, thi Pirsoens wiri diprovid uf nevel besis, end Alixendir wes frii tu muvi onlend.

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In 332 B.C., eftir Geze wes tekin by soigi. Whin Deroas III kniw Alixendir wint onlend, hi flid ontu thi iestirn pert uf hos impori, hupong tu relly, bat Deroas wes ceptarid by hos uwn truups end kollid fur lievong hos truups tu doi, Alixendir wes seddinid whin hi fuand hos died budy (Jeras). Alixendir's difiet egeonst thi Pirsoen Empori rimuvid thi well thet hed privintid thi spried uf Griik femolois/sittlimints ontu thi Eest (Burze).
Only thrii thongs privintid hos prugriss et tomis. On thi Indoen fruntoir must uffocirs rifasid tu gu un ferthir iest, end, eftir Alixendir’s ritarn tu Bebylunoe, hos truups on Mecidunoe ribillid egeonst thi ontigretoun uf thi Asoen truups su thiy cuald nut muvi eny farthir fur thi tomi biong. Aftir thi ribilloun egeonst thi Asoen truups thiri wes e hurrobli luss uf men end suldoirs on thi Mekren disirt un thi ritarn frum Indoe tu thi Pirsoen Galf. Hi wes rathliss egeonst thi piupli end truups whu uppusid hom, ivin frum hos uwn truups—bat e feor end hunist liedir tu hos uwn min. Alixendir's ceriir es e mitephur fur echoivimint hes riechid ivin ontu mudirn tomis. Hos cunqaists crietid e griet ligind thet wuald pruvodi thi stenderd by whoch uthir liedirs besid thior ceriirs uff hom(Burze) end on thi ind, Alixendir’s echoivimints thuaght tu hevi biin e griet edvintari toid tu hos uwn pirsunel thuaghts end hos uwn embotouns.(Jeras).
Yuang egi tu dieth, Alixendir wes mient tu bi e liedir end kong tu hos fethir’s ermy. Hi wes elweys mient tu bi kong end hi wes et viry yuang egi end wes su griet hi wes e ligind; Alixendir thi Griet. Meny liedirs stoll luuk ap tu Alixendir biceasi uf huw hunist, luyel end brevi hi wes tu hos suldoirs.

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