Essay about The, A Blend Of Religions

Essay about The, A Blend Of Religions

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In the last decades, new religious movements have got the attention of the media, scholars and even followers of established religious organizations. Some of them like Scientology are well known because many famous celebrities like Tom Cruise practice them. Others like Rastafarianism are known because of their strong political and social views. These new religious movements are creating a phenomenon in this modern time, especially in the history of religion. These new movements are often syncretic, “a blend of religions” (Molloy 473). Most of these new religions operate with extreme vitality. They are springing up in our modern time in such way that they are creating a backlash from the old religious. Many have seen with suspicion the growth of these religions. Just as Christianity and Buddhism used to be viewed as dangerous for society, some of these new religions are considered dangerous as well. Some scholars have even used the terms sects or cults to describe them. Even though “the word sect has no negative meaning,” the word cult does (Molloy 473). It usually “brings to mind a charismatic, overly powerful leader, docile followers, and separation from society” (Molloy 473). Even though some of these new religious movements have devastating effects in some of their members, the fact is that the vast majority of them are innocuous. Especially in modern societies, many would be expecting religions to fade or to be replaced by modern ideologies. But, the reality is otherwise as it is proven by the rise of the new religious movements. The resurgence of these new religions is the response to the adjustment of the many social changes. There are addressing specific needs that mainstream religions are not meeting. These religions are c...

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... drugs. Another movement that promotes self-improvement is Anthroposophy. As a matter of fact, this movement “has worked out a system of self-development that is meant to complete the entire human person-physical, intellectual, and artistic” (Molloy 498). Other example of how new religious movements promote self-development is Falun Gong. “Followers if Falun Gong use exercises in meditation and bodily motion to increase inner harmony and strength” (Molloy 498).
To conclude, the new religious movements have risen rapidly because they offer diversity, new innovated responses to the current modern problems. They offer a new perspective not only in religious beliefs and practices, but they also address the individuals in a personal level. As long as mainstream religions keep their institutionalization, many new religious movements will be seen in the future.

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