A Biblical Doctrine Of Spiritual Gifts Essay

A Biblical Doctrine Of Spiritual Gifts Essay

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A biblical doctrine that I feel is important is spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are defined as any ability that is empowered by the Holy Spirit and used in any ministry of the church. Spiritual gifts can refer to more natural things, like teaching, administration, or creativity. This is obviously more prevalent than the other way spiritual gifts have appeared, in a miraculous since. These kind of miracle gifts would include things like prophecy and healing. Even with these two different distinctions, there is a sizable list of the specific gifts mentioned in the Bible. Some of them include: apostles, evangelists, prophets, tongues, interpretation of tongues, healing, faith, administrators, pastors, helpers, and showing mercy. These are some of the gifts that are specifically mentioned in the Bible, but Paul also says that we each have our own gifts that are unique to us, so it is not like this list is the only gifts that are out there. However, some people do have the same gifts and this leads to inevitable clashing of who is better at the gift. Well, Paul talks about this kind of thing in Romans. Specifically, in Romans 12:6 he says to use the gift of prophecy “in proportion to our faith.” This means that not everyone is going to have the same amount of skill in that certain gift. Instead of getting caught up with who is the best or most skilled with a certain gift, we should be using what the Holy Spirit is doing in us to help spread the gospel. We should not be discouraged when we find someone who is better than we are at a certain spiritual gift. We should be ecstatic that someone else could possibly be more effective at reaching out to others. We should be happy that more unbelievers could possibly be reached by someone else...

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...ective of whatever is true. The things he tries to show in his films are real world sin and sorrow. A film does not need to have every single one of these traits. He is not opposed to having the other traits in films, but he says that not all of them are needed. Only when none of these traits are present is when you start to have a problem. I would agree with Scott with this opinion. I feel that to be taken seriously as a film-maker and director, you need to understand the medium before you try to send a message with it. I hope to use the gifts of creativity and storytelling to help spread the word through my example. Rather than trying to beat the audience over the head with the Bible. People go to films to be entertained first, and if you can capture the audience’s attention with a great story, then they will be more open to hearing what you have to say as person.

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