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Disney’s Film, Bedknobs and Broomsticks is set in England during World War II. The film is loosely based on the children’s novels: The Magic Bed Knob also known as How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons and Bonfires and Broomsticks by Mary Norton. The film won an Oscar for Best Effects, Special Visual Effects in 1972 and it was also nominated for several others. Bedknobs and Broomsticks features the Disney patented way of film making with its mixture of live-action with animation that was so prevalent throughout that particular era. The movie stars Angela Lansbury as Eglantine Price and David Tomlinson as Emelius Brown.
One continuity error that I noticed from the beginning of the movie is the introduction. ‘England in the August of 1940…’ At the children’s evacuation center where the orphans are a woman says: “anything to get these poor children away from those terrible bombings in London”. Factually, London did not get bombed until September 7, 1940 ( Since Bedknobs and Broomsticks was not produced until 20 years after World War II, why was it dated incorrectly? I understand that it was supposed to have a chronological correlation behind it. This just doesn’t make any sense. The titles main protagonists are three orphans by the names of Charlie, Carrie and Paul Rawlins. The three orphans are sent to live with an apprentice which by the name of Eglantine Price. Upon finding out that she is a witch, Charlie in a conniving way tries to extort Miss Price. He tells her that she must give him something or he will let her secret out to the world. This makes Charlie seem egomaniacal. Miss Price obliges Charlie by putting the famous magic traveling spell that she knew on a bed knob that Paul found. B...

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.... While it was good for its era and considered a classic by many, this film has many flaws due to the technological constraints. The musical numbers aren’t catchy, the story felt lacking, the visuals are putrid at times, and I have no idea how it won the Oscar for special effects. The orphans seemed to show little importance to the story besides Paul. After Charlie displayed arrogance, he never did anything to sway away from that. Carrie had the smallest part of the film and it seemed almost non-existent. Paul was probably the only orphan required for the story to progress. I would only recommend this movie to those who are either a fan of classic Disney movies or to a parent that would like to show their children something different. Despite winning an Oscar for special effects and being deemed a classic, Disney’s Bedknob and Broomsticks is rather average.

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