A Beautiful Work Of Art Of A Woman 's Beauty Captured Essays

A Beautiful Work Of Art Of A Woman 's Beauty Captured Essays

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Ancient Egyptian art has been admired for many years for its strength and powerful beauty. The thought of how humans, at such a time, had the intelligence and manpower to create the things that they did is truly amazing. Nefertiti Bust has always been one of the many popular pieces, an icon of a woman’s beauty captured. Such as Khafre Enthroned is for its masculinity and powerful leadership. These two pieces of art are symbolic o their time. Similar in many ways, but various all at once.

Nefertiti Bust a beautiful work of art of a Royal woman from the ancient Egyptian time is from around the time of c 1353-1336 BCE. Tutmose, a sculptor from that time, created this piece of art of the royal wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton with great effort and an extraordinary eye. She was discovered in 1912 inside of the workplace of Tutmose along with drawling’s and other items connected to the royal family. The artwork is of painted limestone, most likely because it was convenient at the location, sitting at nineteen to twenty inches tall and forty-four pounds. Head of a gorgeous woman with a long graceful neck, symbolizing pronounced pride. Wearing the cup crown (headdress) along with the matching colors of the collar, of blue, red, gold, and green. The beautiful repetitive pattern of her collar and headdress shows great detail and time Tutmose took in creating her portrait statue. Her noticeably missing left eye people wondering if this was on purpose, such as if she had lost her ye in real life, or sight of it, maybe symbolizing the right side of being predominate, or even unfinished (). Her right eye is made of quarts, carefully inserted .She has suffered some damage to her ears possibly from erosion, or some say an original flowers weight coul...

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...ptian Museum in Cairo where it is visited by many in astonishment.

Both of these pieces of art have so much history wrapped up into them, it wouldn’t be hard to feel an energy while viewing them, and thinking of what all they represent. The work it took to make the, How much time, effort, and thought is just amazing. Religion and Political points could be taken from both pieces, a ruler they both were, their people obeyed them and idolized them. Both were leaders, royalty. One piece symbolizing a man, his strength, pride and power. The other from a woman’s standpoint, feminism, confidence, beauty, and power.
Ancient Egyptian art will always attract many if not all people. Its beauty in every detail and all the thought out symbolize they used teaches those who care to really feel, listen, and understand what it was like, what this Ancient Civilization was all about.

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