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A Beautiful Woman Essay

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The target market would be women who require the essential night cream in order to stay looking young.  In today 's world women crave the idea of looking young for a longer period of time. The idea of this ad is for women to see a beautiful woman with amazing looking skin and aspire to look like her. The Aveeno Active Naturals ad recognizes different aged women who want to stay looking younger longer. The use of a beautiful woman in the ad helps to convince women that this product will help them stay looking young.
The Aveeno Absolutely Ageless ad features and attractive famous woman who has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She has her nails done and has a very big ring on her finger.  She has on what looks like a very soft white sweater.  The woman looks very young and has beautiful looking skin.  She is looking directly into the camera and looks very happy.  The background at the top of the ad is a nighttime scene because the cream is a night cream.  She is sitting on what looks like a white sofa or bed.  At the bottom of the ad is the product with a large blackberry placed on side the jar, which is very big and noticeable.  In big bold text at the bottom next to the product it reads, “Want to look younger, longer? Take the right steps now.”  In smaller text under that it says, “New AVEENO ABSOLUTELY AGELESS Restorative Night Cream. Formulated with our exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS Blackberry Complex, it improves elasticity and firmness for healthier, younger-looking skin in just one week. And that’s a step in the right direction.”
This ad is trying to make women believe that if they use this cream they will look as beautiful as the model in the picture.  In order to have the skin the model has, the consumer will need to use this produ...

... middle of paper ...

...ewed this product, and Elizabeth Siegel, the Deputy Beauty Director, believes in this product.  The product is cooling to the touch and smells sweet like berries.  She states that it not only made her skin feel firmer temporarily, it also kept her skin firm over time.  There was also a study on blackberry extract prompting the skin to build new elastin.  There are products available to make a woman’s skin feel firmer and look younger, and are proven to work.
The creators of the ad for Aveeno Absolutely Ageless cream did an amazing job reaching its target audience. The ad is very appealing and eye catching with the beautiful model and soft colors. Jennifer Aniston represents the beauty that most women would love to have.  The use of the blackberry allures women to its sweetness and its healthy benefits. I believe the intended audience will be attracted to this ad.

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