Essay about A Bad Day

Essay about A Bad Day

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It was late summer. The weather was gradually changing to autumn, which was noticeably seen on the leaves that were starting to turn orange. The sun was out, but it wasn’t too hot or too cold outside. In fact, it was actually soothing; the cold wind blowing, paired with the warm sun shining above.

It was one of those days where you’re glad to be awake early in the morning, before the afternoon gets scorching hot. The feeling of the cool breeze gently caressing your arms and legs is always something to look forward to, and many people would be swayed into taking a nice walk outside under the trees.

I was one of those people. Seeing that the weather was very agreeable today, I decided to get ready early and stroll around before going to school. After taking a small bite, I dashed outside of the house, ready to greet the rare-but-wonderful morning.

Unknowingly, it would become one of those days where I would regret ever going outside that house, no matter how good the day was.

I wandered around the path near the lake because it was always peaceful and quiet there in the morning and the trees that hung over the wide walkway only drew me in more. The cool wind blew continuously, and some of the leaves that barely hung on to the branches were pulled along with it. They floated while dropping slowly, and one of the leaves chose my head as a landing spot. I brushed my hair with my hand, not caring if doing so messes up my hair, since the wind already accomplished that job the second I took a step outside my house.

After enjoying the scenery at the lake, I looked at my watch which displayed ‘7:30’ before deciding that it was time to go since the lake was a bit far from my school—Midori Gakuen.

I arrived ten minutes ...

... middle of paper ...

...lked home with Takuya, since not only were we childhood friends and best friends, we were also neighbors.

“The classes were really boring; don’t you think so, too?” Takuya complained.
“Don’t go asking me things like that when we’re still around the school,” I said in a hushed whisper. “Of course not,” I said louder, in case anyone was listening. “I don’t understand why you would ever say that, Takuya.” He could only laugh at my remark.

When we turned around a corner, he said, “You really care about you image, don’t you?”
“Of course! You’ve known me for years! Since when did I care about anything else?”
“I don’t know,” he replied like it was obvious. He walked far ahead of me then turned around. “All I know is that the ‘you’ I met before, liked to put glue on the teacher’s chair before class... Bye!” With that, he ran until he disappeared from my sight.

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