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The 40 Year Old Virgin Essay

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Judd Apatow (‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’, ‘Knocked Up’) is known for his contained and loveable comedies, but this marks the first time he’s directed a film that he didn’t write or co-write himself. He co-wrote ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ with his leading man Steve Carell, but he’s never not taken part in the screenplay of one of his films, at least not until this film. I personally walked into this film with a lot of hesitation, I’m not well-versed in Amy Schumer’s particular brand of humor thus I’m not sure how much I can trust her, but the trailers worked for me and Judd Apatow has never made a bad film in my eyes, and this is definitely not a slipup.
I outright love this film. It’s a perfect blend of Apatow’s fluffy romantic-comedy, with Amy Schumer’s raunchy and reactionary sense of humor. I don’t laugh aloud in films often, it’s just not something I’m comfortable doing, but I actually laughed out loud a lot in this film. The type of humor that appeals to me is situational humor, and that’s what the vast majority of this film is comprised of. I understand how that can get under a person’s skin, the idea of a film going from scene to scene and basically banking off of the reactions of its leads can become a bit exhausting. ‘Trainwreck’ blends the heavier dramatic moments well enough with the breezy comedic moments to create a perfect balance that gives way to a steady and fluid film. That said, the film does begin to grow stale around the final act, as is customary for an Apatow film.
For some odd reason, Apatow hasn’t understood where to cut his films, and that leads many of them to feel dragged out and dead by the time the end credits finally come around. Though this film has a great energy to it for the first few acts, that kind ...

... middle of paper ...

...’ve gotten a truly heartfelt comedy like this. Often we get comedies that try to evoke an emotional response, but it falls flat because it comes across as contrived. However, in this film there are some sincerely poignant moments. I hadn’t prepared to be so emotionally affected by this film, and so I wound up crying once or twice throughout its the 140-minute runtime.
In a nutshell, I had a great time with this film, it’s a perfect date film because it’s just a sweet and fluffy rom-com. If you like Schumer’s off brand sense of humor, then this film is obviously the right fit for you, I honestly cannot imagine someone not being charmed by this film. ‘Trainwreck’ is a vastly entertaining and truly heartfelt blend of Schumer and Apatow’s individual comedic styles. This is, without a doubt, the best comedy of the summer, I’d recommend you check it out, even at full-price.

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