The 4 Wcag2.0 Guideline Principles Essay

The 4 Wcag2.0 Guideline Principles Essay

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The 4 WCAG2.0 Guideline Principles includes Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. On this paper, I will reference and will try improving the site and make it more accessible to users. I will support my choices with some more information on the subject.
First principle is, Perceivable. A web site needs to be able to fulfill and satisfied any type of users with different preferences and needs, no matter the circumstances. The user should be able to browse the site and find the information needed and be able to execute whatever task he or she wants to perform. A guideline I will point it out from principle is:
• Guideline 1.1: Provide text alternatives.
o On Mimar Ponte Mellor site, I would add some visual or oral content to follow up with the text. There is no such thing on this site. A blind or death person will have a hard time browsing this site. A content with text alternative either inside the picture or by its side would help users, hoovering the mouse over the text would make the text bigger and reads the text alternative back to the user, and a...

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