Essay on The 10 Rules By Eric T. Wagner

Essay on The 10 Rules By Eric T. Wagner

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The 10 Rules to Help with Building a Wildly Successful Business provides entrepreneurs with rules that will assist the business with rapid growth. For example the one rule states that you must be prepared to be copied, and says that you do not have to necessarily dislike them but form an alliance and possibly sell your product to them. An analysis of ethos in 10 Rules to Build a Wildly Successful Business suggests that using the 10 rules is an effective method of building your “wildly” successful business.
Author, Eric T. Wagner uses ethos, he has the expertise and experience in the business field. Eric has been a life-long entrepreneur and start-up expert, he is also the Founder and CEO of Mighty Wise Academy, which is a virtual academy for entrepreneurship. Eric is also a mentor or advisor for many start-up companies. The author explicitly discusses his credibility by providing his background in business and entrepreneurship and providing the source where he obtained the 10 rules.
Eric engages many different emotions throughout the article such as excitement, motivation, inspiration, happiness, confidence and many others. The author also breaks down the 10 rules and where to find them in the book ‘Mission in a Bottle’. Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff wrote the book “Mission in a Bottle”. Seth and Barry are the owners of the brand Honest Tea, both Seth and Barry build Honest Tea from nothing to a $100 million dollar enterprise, which they later sold to Coco-Cola.
Goldman and Nalebuff based on their experiences with building Honest Tea from the ground up were able to come up rules that you should follow as an entrepreneur. In order to build a “wildly successful business” according to Goldman and Nalebuff is first build...

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...bes the rules and how they work and how to apply them in the company.
Using the 10 Rules will assist you with building a wildly successful business providing entrepreneurs with strategies for current and future planning and success. These rules provide entrepreneurs with a mindset that they must believe in their company, become better and different, stay innovative, be prepared for imitation, save money and energy, keep a good personal and spiritual health, and just get out there and build an enterprise that you dreamed of building. The reason these rules must be followed is so that in the future, an entrepreneur can build an equally impressive company, so these rules provided by Goldman and Nalebuff should be an entrepreneurs mirror, they should live by these rules every day of their life as an entrepreneur and they may have a chance to become equally successful.

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