The 3 Of The Weirdest Slot Games Essay

The 3 Of The Weirdest Slot Games Essay

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Blog 33 – 3 of the weirdest slot games you are ever likely to come across

Slots represent the online casino world at its very best more often than not. Innovation is abounding, with production values and gameplay now taking strong inspiration from the video game industry. While the aforementioned does a great job summarising the industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every game that emerges is a hit. In fact, it seems for every online casino portal critical success that is released two or three less than popular titles come along with it. Amongst the hidden gems of the online casino world, what you are likely to find is some truly weird titles that will definitely leave you scratching your head. Having seen it all over the years, we have compiled the list of what we think are the 3 weirdest online casino slot games you are likely to come across.

Monty Python’s Spamalot

This will be a controversial pick, largely as it is a highly playable online slots game. However, that doesn’t stop it from being truly bonkers in premise. Causing a ruckus upon release, as few ever believed that the Monty Python would ever lend their name to such a product, with it eventually being revealed that they didn’t. Packed with absolute nonsense, along with songs, random animations, and countless surreal elements, it makes for a truly weird game more often than not. In fact, the bonus game where players do their best not get hit by a cow really sums up the weird nature of Monty Python’s Spamalot.

Planet Exotica Slots

This one is both weird and quite frankly a little shocking. While today’s online slot games do tend to offer up various adult based themes, some are just a little too out there for most peoples tastes. Planet Exotica is one of those v...

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... the reels and hopefully stack them up. By doing this players can create the ‘Mega Symbol’ and ramp up their winnings in the process.

The game also features several fun bonus elements too, with there being several wilds and scatters darted about the reels. When it comes to actual bonus games, there are a massive 15 that can be unlocked. Not only that, the multipliers found within Titans of the Sun Hyperion are truly out of this world. If players time it right they can see their prize pot increased up to 5,000x, creating the chance to win some truly huge jackpots.

The hype and anticipation is clear to see on online casino portals around the world, with Titans of the Sun Hyperion now set to see full release. Featuring mammoth multipliers, impressive graphics, and truly inspirational gameplay mechanics, Titans of the Sun Hyperion will be the game to watch this October.

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