The 12 Minute Workout Essay

The 12 Minute Workout Essay

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Now that you have all the steps required for training, let's see what the mechanism of the exercise sounds like. Notice that each set has five exercises and is mandatory to respect the order of the presentation, whether you perform the exercise at the gym or at home. The authors of the book have designed this exercise with special care, researching over 30 years of development in the human body to finally reach this order, explaining that every group of muscles has different levels of strength which need to be approached alternatively in various distinct ways. You also have to understand that this performance is not easy at all, it's like a medical prescription which not followed properly may interfere with the condition of your health, so you need to stay focused and take into consideration all the details that come next to the initial steps.
When performing the workout, your motions have to be very slow and smooth in order to reach POSITIVE muscle failure, pay attention because it's crucial. To understand the mechanism you also have to learn that the idea is not to perform as many moves as possible in a given period of time, this will only lead to another type of failure that you don't want to get to. No. The idea is to reach, once again: POSITIVE muscle failure possible only by performing a smooth and slow motion, constantly inhaling and exhaling on your mouth. As the tendency is to hold your breath when the exercise becomes harder, don't do that under any circumstances, inhale and exhale as much as you can, even if you sound like a mother that is about to give birth, it will help enduring the pressure that you are about to deal with.
When hitting the positive failure don't just finish the exercise with a sudden or sha...

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...ith each workout and increase the weights as you get more powerful, it makes part of the process and, again, it's not about how many moves can you perform in one given period of time, it'a about testing your limits and always try to overcome them.
As we already know, one of the best feature of this workout is that it needs little time in order to perform it. We also know that we need to recover in order to balance our catabolic and anabolic states in order to be healthy. So when engaged in the workout keep in mind that recovery is also very important. Of course, it depends, again, on every person, ones may need only 3 days, others may need 10 to 12 days but a balanced rate for an average person recommends a 7 days period for recovery which in time may vary to more extended periods. In conclusion, set a day once a week and prepare to work "The Big Five" out.

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