The 5 Love Languages Book Essay

The 5 Love Languages Book Essay

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The 5 Love Languages book is a clear and helpful tool for couples who are not only married but for anyone who is looking to understand their relationship, relationships in general, or marriage better. It encourages you to identify your primary love language which is the way that you like to receive love whether it’s words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, or receiving gifts. It also very much encourages you to find out what your significant other’s primary love language is. That will help you to understand how to give love to them in the way that they best respond to. This book gave more than enough real life examples of couples who have put this method to the test, and I was impressed with every single one of them. I believe the author’s purpose for writing this book was to mainly help couples who are struggling in their marriage. He gave so many examples of how his beliefs and methods have helped people all around the world strengthen and sometimes even give new life to their seemingly hopeless marriages.
One of the many things in this book that stood out to me was the point the author made about how love is a choice. He said that the average time that the “euphoric” feeling of being in love only lasts about two years, after that the work begins. You have to choose to love your significant other every day in the way that they best respond to love. You choose to speak in their primary love language. Making that choice to do so is the greatest act of love in a marriage. You are saying every day that you value that person and you want them to feel loved by you. Especially if your spouses’ primary love language does not come easy or naturally to you. That could be an even more meaningful way to say tha...

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... makes them feel most loved and cared for and not just what comes easily for me or what’s comfortable. To find my own potential and my own primary love language. I understand that not every marriage can be saved by these methods. My mom and dad did not know how to love each other in the right way and I think that’s okay. They both eventually found people that did know how to love them and people who choose to love them in that way every single day. I loved reading this book and getting to learn about love and successful relationships. Even if your natural instinct is not what your partner wants or needs, you can learn to adapt to their primary love language and start to love them in the way that need. Your marriage can definitely be “reborn”. You just have to take that first step in figuring out your own primary love language and practicing it in your everyday life.

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