The 7 : Locations Of Ophiolite Belts Essay example

The 7 : Locations Of Ophiolite Belts Essay example

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igure 7: Locations of ophiolite belts in the Zagros from Ghasemi and Talbot 2005.
Ghasemi and Talbot 2005 separate the ophiolite (type of igneous or volcanic rock) belts of the Zagros orogeny into two different belts: the Naien-Shahr Babak-Baft Ophiolite Belt and the Neyriz-Kermanshah Ophiolite Belt. The Naien, Shahar Babak, and Baft ophiolite constitute the Shahr Babak-Baft Ophiolite Belt. What’s left of the Naien-Baft Paleo Ocean in the south Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone is now the Naien-Shahr Babak-Baft Ophiolite Belt. The Neyriz and Kermanshah ophiolite constitute the Neyriz-Kermanshah Ophiolite Belt. The Neyriz-Kermanshah Ophiolite Belt is left over from the subduction of the Neo-Tethys Ocean beside the main Zagros thrust. The loss of the Neo-Tethys Ocean in the middle of Iran and Arabia during the late Cretaceous resulted in the Neyriz-Kermanshah Ophiolite Belt. Each of these ophiolites is discussed below and their locations are shown in Figure 7.
Ghasemi and Talbot 2005 describe the Naien ophiolite as comprised of rocks assumed to be mantle derived such as serpentinites and peridotites in addition to minor pyroxenes and lherzolites. Gabbro, variations of diorite such as granodiorite, diabase, basaltic andesite, and regular andesite constitute the plutonic and volcanic rocks in the crust. Tonalite, trondhjeimite, and aplite that are more siliceous are also present. For this ophiolite group an Upper Albian age is proposed by obtaining various ages from older 101.2 ± 0.9 Ma to slightly younger 99.7 ± 0.9 Ma and similarly 99 ± 1.2 Ma from a hornblende gabbro. The Naien ophiolite has island arcs elements together with intra-oceanic as suggested by reg...

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... Zagros Thrust, High Zagros, and Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone. In the Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone shortening is 50 km to 70 km, 50 km to 78 km in the High Zagros, and 45 km to 78 km in the Main Zagros Fault depending on the source.
Deformation in the Zagros is occurring through the sedimentary cover being folded and thrusted (Berberian 1995). The sedimentary cover being bent, elevated, and having side to side motion was happening the same time as basement faults were operating again (Mobasher 2007). This implies thick skinned deformation because both the basement when it’s being faulting and sedimentary cover is distorted (Hatzfield et. al. 2010). Folds might develop in the sedimentary cover spanning the length of the once again functioning basement faults below. This causes domes, partial anticlines, and synclines in the sedimentary cover as it breaks (Mobasher 2007).

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