Essay The 5 Levels Of Leadership By John Maxwell

Essay The 5 Levels Of Leadership By John Maxwell

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I immensely enjoyed both of these books. I identified with “The 5 Levels of Leadership”, By John Maxwell more than the Warren buffet book. Maxwell spent the first twenty years of his career in private industry working for several companies. During this time, he dissected his bosses and recognized what characteristics separated a “boss” from a “leader”. Maxwell has become one of the foremost authors on leadership and has a training program utilized by many large companies and organizations.
In this book, Maxwell identifies the 5 stages that one can attain as they climb the organizational ladder. Briefly they are: Level one, “Position”, this is the starting point for everyone. You are now the “boss” but people will only follow you because they have to. This is only the starting point, not a level that you want to relish in. Level two, “Permission”, this level transforms one from a “boss” to a “leader.” A leader recognizes that the people who work for him, or his team, is his greatest asset. The leaders focus changes from me to we. Maxwell contends that one cannot lead people until one...

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