Essay on The 3 Legged Stool Approach Risk

Essay on The 3 Legged Stool Approach Risk

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2) In the Lykke 3-legged stool approach risk explains the gap between what is to be achieved, and the ways and means available to achieve the ends. The first risk with President Reagan’s strategy is an inherent logic issue with the first ends having to deal with a peaceful and secure Europe. On one hand the United States is going to maintain defenses of unassailable strength with various missile systems, but on the other hand work to reduce arms on both sides in both nuclear and strategic offensive weapons. The second risk has an issue with implement concepts of ways with unifying and freeing Europe, but the ways only focus on Berlin. There is the risk of leaving out the rest of East Germany and the other Warsaw Pact Countries. Another risk is that of cost and the available funds to meet all of these requirements above, does the United States as a nation have the sufficient means to pay for all these missiles, the new Berlin airport, and mentioned meetings. In addition, the second ends use the means the Olympic Games and United Nation meetings in Berlin to a unified and free Europe. These small factors are a good start, but really do not get at the, with what question. Even though there are risks in President Reagan’s strategy, it is balanced. It uses a combination of means such as defense, diplomacy, and economic through various ways to achieve the desired ends. This is strategy is akin to the carrot and stick method with the goal of using just the right amount of pressure on each side to achieve the endstate of a Europe free of fear and division.
When looking at the President’s strategy there are several other instruments of power (DIME) that could have been mentioned to strengthen its success. When looking at the d...

... middle of paper ... both time periods with the societies in which they lived. Schools were set up that indoctrinated student towards radical thought. This combined with the informational campaigns of these groups led them to gain followers and find funding. The pamphlets and speakers of the 1980s have been replaced with social media and the internet. Finally, both terrorism time periods destroy the infrastructure in which they live. They survive as a tick on the society living on the life support and systems without developing their own. Terrorist of the 1980s and today both have the organizational infrastructure to function in modern society but fail to add to it. When looking at the two National Security Strategies the two most significate similarities in the international security environment are the Soviet Union - Russia aggression and the continual threat of terrorism.

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