The 1900 Hurricane in Galveston, Texas: The Storm's Influence on Current Hurricane Forecasting Techniques

The 1900 Hurricane in Galveston, Texas: The Storm's Influence on Current Hurricane Forecasting Techniques

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Hurricanes are known to be one of the most destructive natural forces on the planet Earth. On September 8, 1900, a massive hurricane came roaring out of the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall on the bustling island city of Galveston, Texas. This unprepared city and citizens were battered by gale-force winds and tremendous swells until it was completely destroyed by dawn of the next morning. This carnage preserved this storm’s place in American History and earned it the name The Great Storm of 1900. The Great Storm of 1900 was an immense hurricane which single-handedly changed Galveston’s local economy, Texas’ economy and influenced current hurricane forecasting techniques.
The Great Storm of 1900 affected the local economy of Galveston. Galveston Island is a 3 mile stretch of island on the Texas Coast that relied heavily on its shallow port for shipping. Galveston shipped nearly 64 percent of all cotton leaving the State of Texas prior to the hurricane that nearly wiped this city completely off the map. “In 1900, more than 2 million bales of cotton were shipped from the port at Galveston” (Ramos). Once the hurricane passed, the city was left in ruins and was not able to function as a civic environment, much less a port of shipping. The local economy was weak and all attention was paid towards rebuilding this port city into a habitable location. The shipping posture of this shallow-water port never reached the potential it once had prior to The Great Storm of 1900, due largely to the fact of its hurricane-prone location on the southern coast of Texas. Once the City of Galveston was rebuilt, the primary focus of the local economy was to be a desired tourism location. Even to this day, thousands of people flock to this quaint beach co...

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...orecast and track hurricanes throughout the world in order to prevent this type of devastation from reoccurring. With financial support and a strong will, this determined city was rebuilt from complete chaos and continues to thrive even after it was nearly washed into the Gulf of Mexico by gale-force winds and tremendous swells from The Great Storm of 1900.

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